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Free Shipping to the USA and Canada | Wholesale Options Available
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Custom Golf Course Map Deposit - Canadian

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This listing is for a deposit on a fully customizable golf course map.

These maps are laser cut and hand assembled with vibrant green and blue resin used to make up the fairways and water hazards. You can also choose what type of wood will be used, we are currently offering walnut, cherry, bamboo, maple, and cedar.

We are happy to customize the map with whatever specifics you like. We can add a specific score for a low round on the course, any text or quote, specific course details, shot lines matching your round on the course, or anything else you can think of!

The standard size we offer is 19" x 11", though we can make smaller sizes as well.

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to create the design and assemble it.

This listing is just for a deposit. Send us a message by email at and we will get you accurate pricing on exactly what you are looking for. An average cost for a custom map is $275 USD (shipping included to the USA and Canada).

You will be fully involved in the design process and we will create and send an electronic copy first to make sure that the layout of exactly to your liking, then proceed with creating the product.